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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What kinds of equipment does MCD Transportation, Inc. have access to?
A:  MCD utilizes carriers with vans, reefers, flatbed, specialized, and hot shots.
Q:  What are MCD’s primary traffic lanes?
A:  MCD can make freight arrangements in the United States, Mexico, Canada. The majority of freight moves from the southeast, midwest and west coast.
Q:  How does MCD make the decision to do business with a carrier?
A:  Before a carrier can haul a load, they must meet MCD’s qualifying process.  They must provide us with the following:
  • FMCSA registration
  • Signed broker/carrier contract
  • Certificate of insurance - cargo and liability
  • Copy of hazardous materials registration, if applicable
  • MCD also request an original certificate of insurance from the insurance company, listing MCD as certificate holder.
Q:  Why is it important to know the value of the shipment?
A:  MCD wants to be assured that the carrier hauling the freight has adequate insurance to cover the shipment.
Q:  What is MCD’s payment policy to carriers?
A:  MCD pays 30 days from receipt of the original mailed invoice.  The invoice must have an original or legible copy of the signed (by consignee) bill of lading attached.
Q:  What is a CTB (Certified Transportation Broker?)
A:  The Transportation Intermediaries Association awards this designation to individuals who pass a very stringent examination, which requires the individual to demonstrate a thorough understanding and knowledge of transportation, brokerage and business management.
Q:  What are the legal height dimensions for a flatbed load?
A:  The total height of a flatbed shipment is 13’ 6”, and this includes the height of the trailer and the product loaded on the trailer...
Q:  What is MCD’s business philosophy?
A:  See Business Guidelines.
Q:  What is the Code of Ethics that TIA members subscribe to?
A:  Click here to see the entire document.